Spring/Summer Reversible Patio Craft


I had a bit of extra time on my hands while hubby was away for work (Army wife life!), so I decided to take the opportunity to make this adorable craft for our front patio. I am planning on making another one with Halloween or Autumn one side and Christmas or Winter on the other, so that we can have this cute decoration out there year round!

It’s really easy to make this craft, and if you are a crafter like me, than you probably already have all the materials you will need to do it, minus maybe the board…speaking of which, this craft is great if you have an old board that you aren’t sure what to do with. I love repurposing stuff, and this craft is a perfect way to do that with an old board that you have lying around!

Of course, you don’t have to use the spring/summer theme. Like I said, I am planning on making another one of these with either holidays or the other two seasons on it, but really you can do whatever you want on each side!



  • A flat wooden board in the size you would like. Mine was about 3/4 inch thick, 4 feet long, and a little over a foot wide.
  • a pencil
  • craft paint for wood
  • paintbrushes
  • Stencils (optional) – I did mine freehand


1.) Start with one side of the board, and use your pencil to sketch in your design using your stencils or freehand.


2.) Now, use your paintbrushes and paints to paint in your sketched design using the colors you would like.


3.) Allow the paint to dry overnight.


4.) On the other side of the board, repeat steps 1 – 3 on the other side with a different design of your choosing. After it has dried, display it proudly on your patio or deck! 🙂



Told you it was simple, and isn’t it so cute? Enjoy! 🙂



I made this wall hanging a while back after getting the inspiration for it from the following pin:


I loved the look of the hanging vases, but I am really more of a candle person than a flower person, so I decided to get my creative juices flowing.  I had two pieces of wood and some old tea light candle holders to work with.  I love to paint, so decided to paint the wood and finagle a way to get the candle holders to hang from it.  I love the result and we get compliments on these two wall hangings quite a bit.

It’s really an easy craft, though it takes a little time and patience to do the painting.  Other than that it’s really quite simple!


  • A wood board that is at least 1/2 inch thick.
  • paint
  • paintbrushes
  • twine
  • superglue
  • 3 votive or tealight candle holders
  • 3 tealight candles
  • pencil
  • stencils
  • decorative thumbtacks


1.) Start by dividing your board into three equal parts, marking them with a pencil.


2.) Paint the outer sections one color and the middle section another color.  Let dry completely.



3.)  Once the paint is dry, using a stencil or doing it free hand, draw in a design on each of the sections with a pencil.  I wanted the same design on all three parts, so I used a stencil so they would be exact.


4.) Now you will paint the designs you just stenciled in.  Use the color of the outer sections for the middle design and use the color of the middle section for the outer designs.  Let dry completely.



5.) Once your designs are completely dry, you will want to use your twine and thumbtacks to create a twine to hang your craft on the wall.  To do this, Stick each thumbtack about halfway into each of the sides of the board.  They should be a little less than an inch from the top of the board.


6.) With your twine, create a large loop, tying two ends together in a knot.  Trim the ends of the string coming from the knot and put a small dab of super glue on the knot to make sure it stays together.  Use your board to measure how long it should be (see pictures).  Once you have created your loop, string it around the thumbtacks on each side and then push the thumbtacks the rest of the way into the board (you may need to use a hammer to do this).



7.)  Now you will want to hang the candle holders from the board.  To do this, start by tying a loop around the candle holder.  Don’t trim the ends near the knot yet.  Do this for each candle holder.  Also, you will super glue this into place in a bit, so don’t worry if you’re wondering how it will stay in place.


8.) Now you will create the actual loop which the candle holder will hang from the board on, so measure the strings as long as you want them for each holder (you may want them all the same length, or you may want them to hang in a stair step type fashion, it’s up to you).  To create the loop, take the piece of string you just created, and tie it to the loop on the candle holder in two different spots on each side of the candle holder. Repeat for each candle holder.


9.) There should be three knots total on each candle holder now.  Place a small dab of super glue on each of the knots, then trim the ends of the twine coming from the knots.  Also place a small amount of super glue on various places on the loop that’s on the actual candle holder to hold it in place.  Repeat for each candle holder.


10.) Lastly, use a thumbtack for each candle holder to attach it to the board in the middle of each section (you will want to measure the middle using a tape measure so it is accurate).  Simply place a thumbtack in the middle of each section and then loop your hanging loop on each candle around it, and then push the thumbtack in all the way.  Repeat for each candle.wallcraft15

11.)  You’re done!  🙂 Hang on a nail on the wall and place tea light candles in each of the holders.


Enjoy! 🙂


“Be the Good” Wood Craft


About a week or so ago, I was cleaning out our storage closet, and I came across a box of pieces of wood.


For someone who loves crafts, this is like finding gold.  I’m not going to lie — I drooled a little bit.  Off to Pinterest I went to get my creative juices flowing.  I came across this pin:


This is one of those pins that when you click on it, it doesn’t go anywhere, so I don’t have a site to refer you to for this.

I didn’t have nice even pieces of wood like in this pin, so I decided to stack pieces of wood of different length and then just line up the lettering.  I also didn’t make it a wall hanging, instead making it so that it sits upright and can be placed on a mantle or dresser.

It is now proudly on display in our living room.  This craft is really fairly easy to do.  The hardest part was the lettering, as I did it freehand, but using a stencil would make that part much easier.

Here’s how to do this:


  • pieces of wood
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrushes
  • pencil
  • tape measure
  • wood glue


1.) Get materials together.


2.) Paint the wood strips colors of your choice. Let dry.


3.) Line up the pieces of woods as you are going to want them to be stacked. Use a tape measure and a pencil to mark the length of the lettering on each piece (line them up so the lettering will be right on top of each other)


4.) Use the tape measure to measure equal widths for the lettering and mark the width of each letter.


5.) Draw in the lettering using a pencil. I did it freehand, but you could also use a stencil.



6.) Paint the lettering. Make sure to use one color for “Be the good”, and another color for the rest. Let dry.



7.) If you have an extra piece of wood, you can draw a design on it with pencil, then paint if desired (As shown, I did daisies on the bottom piece of wood). Again, I did these freehand, but you could stencil something in.


8.) Use wood glue to glue the pieces of wood together, making sure to line up the lettering so it is on top of eachother. Let dry.  Go back over with paint to cover any pencil marks, etc.


I would say this one was a success!  Enjoy! 🙂