Halloween Wine Bottle Vase Craft


Yay!!!  Halloween season is here!  I love this time of year – the weather is getting chillier, the air is getting crisp, and everything is just getting cozier!  Plus, um, halloween = candy, so there’s that. 🙂


Another reason why I love Halloween season is because Halloween crafts are so much fun!  I came up with the spooky wine bottle vase craft (yeah, I said spooky…MU-AH-HA-HA-HA) after enjoying a bottle of wine with hubby and then going through my craft supplies to see what I could do with the empty bottle.  In other words, this is really easy to make and if you have a craft box, you may already have all the supplies you need to make it.  Extra bonus?  If you don’t have an empty wine bottle, you get to make one – wink! 😉

At any rate, the result is really pretty neat and fun, and it makes for some perfect halloween decor if you are having a get together or to put outside on halloween for trick or treaters to admire.  Let’s see how to do this!



  • Empty Wine Bottle
  • black sharpie marker
  • Glue gun
  • Black, gray, and white acrylic paint
  • paint sponge applicator and paint brush
  • Fake spiders
  • Fake flowers
  • Plastic eyeballs


1.) The first thing you want to do is remove any labels off the wine bottle and rub the bottle down with rubbing alcohol.  Let dry, then use your marker to draw a spider web on the bottle.  After drawing the spider web, trace over it with the glue gun to create a textured spider web on the glass.  Let the glue dry completely.


2.) Now you want to use your paint sponge applicator with black and gray paint to paint the entire bottle giving it a chalkboard like texture look.  Let the paint dry, then use a paintbrush to trace over the textured spider web with white and grey paint mixed.


3.) Now you want to use your glue gun to glue the fake spiders on the web.


4.) Now comes the flowers.  Use your glue gun to glue the plastic eyeballs into the center of the flowers, then place the flowers in wine glass and arrange them as you would like.


That’s it!  You’re all done!  You will love how this turns out – it’s super cute, easy to make and makes for a perfect party decoration!


Enjoy and Happy Halloween! 🙂

Pumpkin Patch Craft


Alright, I went a bit crazy with pumpkin crafts this year, but I’m glad I did, because I ended up with a nice little pumpkin patch, and it makes for the cutest Autumn decor!  You could also put these outside as halloween decorations too!  However you decide to display them, they are a lot of fun to make and turn out awesome!  I did three different posts on how to create each of the pumpkins shown in the image.  All of them are really quite easy to make, but result in a really nice looking craft!

Each of the following images links to the post on how to make that particular pumpkin.  They stand alone really nicely as well, but I love my little pumpkin patch that resulted from me being a bit overzealous with the pumpkin crafts this year!







So cute, right!  Let me know how it goes if you try any of them, and feel free to share any of your own pumpkin crafts in the comments below!


DIY Halloween Gift Basket

gift basket1

Hocus Pocus is on TV tonight, so it’s official – Halloween season is here!!!  This put me in the Halloween mood, so I decided to put together a little halloween surprise for my husband. I decided on a gift basket full of goodies.

I went to the store and stocked up on the goodies, and then when I got home, I realized I needed something to put them in!  Oh my gosh!  I came up with the most adorable little Halloween themed basket!  It’s super simple, but I thought it was cute enough to share!  I looked around our place to find some things to get creative with, and I saw some gauze…this made me think mummy, so I looked in my craft box, and found a bag of googly eyes.  These two items along with a used water jug and some double sided tape was all I needed to create a cute lil basket to hold all the goods!

This is so easy, and you don’t have to limit its use to gift baskets!  You could also decorate chip or treat bowls at a halloween get together this way, and it will make for some great decorations!  Okay, let’s get to how to make this basket!



  • Gauze
  • Used water Jug
  • double sided tape
  • Googly eyes (you could also make paper eyes by just drawing them on the paper and cutting them out if you don’t have any plastic googly eyes)
  • Goodies to fill the basket with


1.) Take your water jug, and tear off any paper or tape on it.  Use a knife to cut the bottom of the jug off from the top, creating a basket with the bottom of the jug.

gift basket2

2.) Using your double sided tape, Tape the end of the gauze to the bottom of the basket you created.  Wrap your gauze around and up your basket, and periodically, place a piece of double sided tape to keep the gauze in place.  When you’ve gotten to the top, use double sided tape to tape the googly eyes on one side of the basket.  Wrap the gauze over so it partially covers the eyes, then cut your gauze and use double sided tape to tape the end to the basket.

gift basket3

3.) Your basket is now done – told you it was easy! 🙂  Now you just need to fill it with goodies, and you can be done if you want.

gift basket4

4.) I made a little sign using a straw, a marker, and some paper, but this is totally optional.  If you’re interested, this is how I did it: On a piece of paper, draw your sign.  Fold the paper over, and cut your sign out so that it has a front (where you drew), and a back piece of paper.  Wrap your straw in double sided tape, and then place your pieces of paper on the straw, then use some double sided tape to tape the sides together.

gift basket5

5.) Place your sign in the gift basket where you would like it, and now you’re done!

gift basket7

Hubby will have a cute little surprise waiting for him tomorrow morning to brighten his day!  SOOOO cute!  Enjoy! 🙂