Halloween Frankenstein Flower Pot Candy Holder Craft


It’s October, which means HALLOWEEN!!!  I love this time of year (not as much here in San Antonio as in my home state of Michigan, but it’s still a great time of the year)! I was looking through my craft box to see what I could come up with for a fun and easy Halloween craft this year, and I found some leftovers from previous crafts.  Specifically, I found a cardboard flower pot and two miniature wood flower pots that I used to make a cute scarecrow craft a year or so back.  I also found some googly eyes that light up.


Onto Pinterest I went to see what I could come up with! And I came across this super cute Frankenstein flower pot craft:


I didn’t have two pots to make the craft the same way, so I decided to just make a Frankenstein head candy holder, with light up googly eyes! It turned out so cute!


I should note that if you don’t have the light up googly eyes, you can simply paint the eyes on, or glue on some flat googly eyes that don’t light up.  Because the ones on mine light up, I had to cut holes in the cardboard flower pot so I could place the eyes in there and still get to the on/off switches on each of them. Also, you can use actual flower pots to make this as well, if which case you wouldn’t be able to cut out holes for the eyes anyway and would have to paint or glue them on.

Also, as I was making this, I realized that this could also be done with styrofoam cups instead of cardboard flower pots, and then those cups could be filled with nuts, candy, or whatever to have out at a Halloween get together.  You could also use a big regular sized flower pot to use as a way to set out a large amount of candy at a party, or on your porch for trick or treaters.  I used mine as a “gift basket”, and gave it to my husband filled with candy for a Halloween gift, so it can also be used this way.

In other words, there’s a lot of different ways to make this craft and a lot of different ways it can be used, but regardless, it turns out really cute, and it’s really easy to make! Let’s get to it!




  • Flower pot
  • two mini flower pots, or two miniature spools
  • green, black, and silver paint
  • craft glue
  • light up googly eyes (optional)
  • Paintbrushes
  • pencil or marker


1.) Start by painting the entire pot green.  Set aside, and let dry.


2.) Paint the miniature flower pots or miniature spools silver, and set aside and let dry.


3.) Now comes the eyes.  Once your pot is dry, if you’re not using the light up googly eyes, glue on your eyes or paint on your eyes. If you are using the googly light up eyes, you will want to trace the eyes onto the pot where you want them to be, then use scissors, or an exacto knife to cut out the circles.  You want it to be a snug fit, so it’s better to start small and trim off more if needed.


4.) Place the eyes in the holes.  If it is snug, that is all you will need to do.  Otherwise, you may need to use a bit of craft glue to glue them in place.  The on/off switches will be on the inside of the pot, so you can get to them.  Once the eyes are in place, go back over with your paint brush, and fix any areas where the paint got scratched or chipped when  you were cutting the holes for the eyes.


5.) Now, we’ll do the “hair”.  Use your pencil or marker to draw in the hair along the top rim of the pot.  Then use your black paint and paintbrush to fill it all in.  Set aside, and let dry.


6.) Use your black paint and a paint brush to paint in a squiggly line for the mouth.


7.) Now, you will want to glue your silver “pegs” in place.  The real frankenstein has silver pegs in his neck.  I put mine up higher, because I had a brain fart and was thinking that I was gluing on the ears.  Thankfully, it still looks good!  So, basically, just glue the pegs on each side of the face at the same level, then allow the glue to dry completely.



8.) Lastly, fill this guy up with CANDY!!!  I used a bunch of different types of organic chocolates, but you can use whatever type of candy you would like!


Awesome!  Isn’t it sooooooo ADORABLE???  Happy Halloween, and Enjoy! 🙂



A year and a half or so ago, we were getting ready to move again, which means it was time for me to get rid of as much stuff as possible.  I had tons of old books that I wasn’t sure what to do with – I didn’t like the idea of just throwing them away, so I made a visit to Pinterest to see what I could find craft wise.  I found this pin:


How cute are those paper book vases?  On the website for these, I also found one of these paper crafts shaped as  pear, which gave me the idea of making a pumpkin out of some old books that I had this halloween.  It turned out to be surprisingly easy and extremely cheap!

Since you already have the books, the only things you have to pay for is the ribbon, glue, and a small can of spray paint.  I already had my glue gun, glue sticks, the books, and the ribbon, so I only had to pay for a small can of spray paint to make these.  Originally, I wanted to use cinnamon sticks for the stems, but I figured why not save myself a few dollars and a trip to the store and just go outside and grab some sticks off the ground – they worked great!

Here’s the instructions for this cute halloween craft!


  • an old book
  • pencil
  • scissors or an exacto knife
  • glue gun with plenty of glue sticks
  • small can of orange spray paint
  • green ribbon
  • a stick from outside for a stem


1.) Start by tracing out or drawing a pumpkin shape on a piece of paper, then cut out your shape.


2.) Fold your pumpkin shape in half, and trace it out onto the first page of your book.  Use an exacto knife to cut through 5-10 pages at a time, or you can use scissors.  I started out using an exacto knife, but then ended up using scissors as I found it to be easier since my knife wasn’t very sharp (time for a new one).


3.)  Continue doing this until all the pages are cut into half a pumpkin shape.  Cut off the ends of the book backing keeping the part that is part of the pumpkin intact.  Remove the cover and the back cover page.  You want to end up with what looks like a stack of pages in the shape of half a pumpkin.


4.) Use your glue gun to glue the edges of the backing together spreading out the pages into the shape of a pumpkin.  Spread your pages out to your liking, and if you have any stubborn pages that don’t want to stay in place (I had a lot of them), use your glue gun to glue them to the next page fanning out the pages as much as possible.


Now I must pause for cuteness!  Here is a picture of our cat Sophie being curious as to what was being created here.  Fitting as this is a halloween craft, and she is a black cat!


Okay, getting back on track. 🙂

5.) Use your spray paint to LIGHTLY color the edges of the pages.  You don’t want to overdo this, you just want a really light and even dusting of color.


6.) Once paint is completely dry, you now want to add your stems.  To do this, I just used A LOT of glue from the glue gun.  Since this glue dries fairly quickly, I was able to just hold the stem in place and gob glue around it, then wait till it dried enough to hold the stick in place on it’s own.


7.) Really you can stop here if you would like, but I wanted to cover up the gob of glue that I created to put the stem in place, so I added a ribbon, and that did the trick while still looking really cute!  Just tie the ribbon around the base of the stem and arrange how you would like.


You’re done!  Put them proudly on display for some really cute halloween decor!


Aren’t they so cute?  Happy Halloween and enjoy! 🙂