Burlap Pumpkin Craft


So, here is an really easy pumpkin craft that turns out super cute.  This is another part of my “Pumpkin Patch”!  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I went a little crazy with the pumpkins when it comes to crafts this year, so I ended up with my very own pumpkin patch!


I have directions for each and every one of these lil pumpkins on here!  If you have the time, I suggest making them all – they make for amazing fall decor, and you can even put them out on your porch for Halloween for some “fancy” halloween decorations!  Of course, they each stand alone really well, in terms of decor, as well!

That being said, let’s talk about this burlap pumpkin!  This one is really easy to make, and thank goodness for Crafter’s Pick glue drying clear, because this takes a lot of glue, and I’m not the neatest gluer!  Ya know, though, other than the messy gluing, this craft is a lot of fun to make and is really quite easy!



  • Styrofoam ball (I used an 8 inch styrofoam ball)
  • Knife
  • Craft glue (I use Crafter’s Pick – it sticks great, dries clear, and is non-toxic)
  • Burlap fabric
  • Scissors
  • Orange Acrylic Paint
  • Paint sponge to apply the paint
  • Empty brown egg carton
  • Burlap string
  • Embellishments (I used some leaves and stems from some plastic flowers)


1.) The first step is to “carve” your pumpkin!  Use the knife to cut the top and bottom of the styrofoam ball, then create evenly spaced indented lines, so that your ball now looks more like a pumpkin.


2.) Now comes the gluing!  Cut your burlap fabric into strips that will cover each section of the pumpkin and over lap into the indented lines.  Glue the burlap strips onto the pumpkin one strip at a time.



3.) Once the glue has dried, cut out one of the tall egg dividers in the egg carton to create a stem.  Glue the stem onto the top of the burlap covered pumpkin.


4.) Once the glue has dried, you want to paint your burlap.  To do this, use a sponge brush, and dab the paint on little by little.


5.) After the paint has dried, put some glue on the stem and wrap the burlap string around the stem from the bottom to the top, covering it completely.  Tuck the ends in.


6.) Place some more glue (I know!  More glue!!!) on the base of the stem and add on your embellishments.  Allow the glue to dry.


Ta-da!  Don’t worry, once the glue dries, it will be clear (as long as you are using Crafter’s Pick), so you won’t see big globs of glue on the craft!  You’re all done!


Enjoy! 🙂

Stringed Beads Pumpkin Craft


Finally!  A use for all those Mardi Gras beads that I’ve collected through the years!  TOTALLY KIDDING!!!  I was out craft shopping, and saw a big bag of orange mardi gras beads on sale, so I instantly thought of my “pumpkin patch” that was developing from all the pumpkin crafts that I’ve done this year!


I decided to make one more pumpkin craft with these beads, because the idea was just too clear in my head to let it go (plus, it was a sale – duh!)

I’m really glad I did, because this craft turns out so cute!  It looks great by itself, or with other pumpkin crafts!  Plus, it’s really easy to make!



  • Styrofoam ball ( I used a 6 inch styrofoam ball for this craft)
  • Knife
  • Orange mardi gras beads
  • Green Mardi gras beads
  • empty brown egg carton
  • Craft glue (I used Crafter’s Pick – it sticks great, dries clear, and is non-toxic)
  • Embellishments (I used some leaves and stems from some plastic flowers)


1.) The first step is to use a knife to cut the top and bottom of the styrofoam ball to make it more of a pumpkin shape.


2.) The next step is to cut out one of the tall egg dividers from the carton to use as a stem.  Glue the stem on the top of the styrofoam ball, place some glue on the stem and wrap it with the green beads.  You will need to cut the bead necklace to that it is just a string of beads, not a necklace.


3.) Let the glue dry completely.  Now you will want to cut the orange necklaces to be strings as well.  Glue the strings of beads on one at at time to cover the whole styrofoam ball.


4.) Let the glue dry completely.  Place some glue at the base of the stem and add your embellishments.  Let the glue dry completely.


That’s it!  Easy peasy, right?


Enjoy! 🙂

Two Adorable and Easy Christmas Snowman Crafts


Every year, I make something cute to give out as gifts for Christmas.  This year, I decided to get some inspiration on Pinterest.  I came across the following pins:

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Aren’t these adorable?  Both pins led to different websites where you can buy these, but they didn’t say anything about how to make them, so after taking a good look at them, I figured that I can make something like these myself!  I also took it a step further, and made the following craft as well.  This is a bit large for a tree ornament, but it still can be used as one, or you can use it as a doorknob hanger or a small wall hanging!


These really are pretty easy to make, and they make great gifts!  If any of my family members are reading this – I guess I ruined the surprise of what you are getting from me this year! 🙂  The ones of just the head are great for people you know put a tree up, and if you are giving a gift to someone who doesn’t normally have a tree up, the full snowman is better.  Both are quite simple, and the full snowman only takes a few extra steps.  Without further ado, here is instructions on how to make these cute lil’ guys!

I will start with instructions on how to make just the head ones and then instructions on the full one will follow from there.



  • 3-4 inch wood slices (I got mine on Amazon here)
  • Acrylic Paint in white, orange and black.
  • A pencil
  • Paintbrushes
  • twine or string
  • electric drill
  • glue gun or super glue
  • scissors



1.) Start by painting one side of your wood slice white.  Let dry.


2.) Once dry, pencil in the snowman face.  You can make the face however you would like, I did two large eyes by tracing a dime, a carrot nose, and a wiggly smile.


3.) Now paint the eyes and mouth black, and paint the nose orange.  Let dry.


4.) Once the faces are completely dry, use your electric drill to drill a small hole at the top of the ornament.


5.) String your twine (or string) through the hole, then tie in a knot to create a loop to hang the ornament with.


6.) Now secure your knot with a dab of glue from your glue gun or use super glue, then cut the extra string off.


You’re done with the ornament if you just want the head.  If you want to do the full body one, then continue on to step 7.


7.) Paint two more wood slices white and let dry.  Once dry, paint three black dots in a line down the center of one of them.  The one with the face will be your top, the one with the black dots will be your middle and the one that is just white will be the bottom.


8.) When all your paint is dry, use your electric drill to drill the following holes: On the face, drill one at the bottom of the face, straight below the hole you drilled for the string.  On the middle, drill a hole in line with the black dots at the top and the bottom of the wood slice.  On the bottom, drill a hole at the top of the wood slice.


9.) Use your twine to loop through the holes connecting the face to the middle and then connecting the middle to the bottom.  Tie in a knot in the back of the craft.


10.) Secure the knots by placing a dab of glue on each of the knots and then cut the extra string off the ends.


Your now done with your full snowman craft!  Wether you chose to do just the face or the full body one, aren’t they so cute?



As you can see, they’re pretty easy to make, they turn out super cute, and you can feel like a rockstar giving gifts that you made yourself!  Merry Christmas and Enjoy! 🙂



It must be close to halloween, because Hocus Pocus was on tonight!!!  That is my favorite halloween movie!  I decided to get into the halloween mood while watching it, and made my first halloween craft of the year.  I saw the following pin on Pinterest.


I thought these pillows were so cute, but I don’t have a sewing machine, and quite frankly, I was feeling a bit lazy tonight.  I decided to come up with another way to make some halloween pillows.  The pillows I made don’t require any sewing, and you only need 3 things to make them.  It only took me about 15 minutes to make two of these pillows, and that included time to take pictures of each step!  Once you see how to make these, you will see that you can really make these with any holiday theme, or really any theme in general.  They would also make great gifts as well.  Perfect!



  • halloween themed dishtowels
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • batting (pillow stuffing) – you can get this at most craft stores, or you can get it on Amazon here.



1.) Fold your dishtowels in half to create a crease in the middle so you know where to start with your glue gun.



2.) Using your glue gun, run glue down the sides of the towel to glue the edges together.  Leave the bottom open so you can fill the pillow with batting.  Start at the crease and work your way down.  I did mine in 3 sections.  I ran glue from the crease to about 1/3 of the way to the end of the towel on both sides, then I folded the towel over and pressed the sides together allowing the glue to attach the sides together.  Then, I flipped the remaining top of the towel back up and glued another 1/3 of the way down on each side, flipped the towel back down and pressed the edges together.  I did this until the sides were completely glued together.




Now the edges of your pillow are attached together, and you still have one opening to use to fill the pillow with batting.


3.) Fill the pillow with batting.  It’s really up to you how full you want it to be.


4.) When you have your pillowed filled as desired, use your glue gun to glue the bottom opening together the same way you did the edges.  I did a few inches at a time so I was able to tuck in any batting that needed tucking as I went.


5.) The glue dries really quickly which is convenient.  Your now done with your pillows!  Put them on the sofa, on a chair, on a porch chair, anywhere you want to have a little halloween decor.


There you  have it!  So easy that I feel like I got away with something!  Happy Halloween, and enjoy! 🙂