Lighted Wood Christmas Craft


Aren’t these the most darling lil crafts ever? ¬†These are what I am giving out as Christmas gifts this year…hmmm…hopefully my friends and family don’t read this before they get them! ūüėČ

I love these things, because they look really nice and rustic, but they’re actually not all that hard to put together! ¬†Of course, if you LOVE the way they look as much as I do, and you don’t feel like having to do it yourself, you can also easily purchase these on my Etsy store too!

They make for a perfect Christmas decoration, and the lights in them give such a warm and cozy ambience to any room they may be displayed in!  The wood is unfinished, and I put a light coat of gray paint on them to make them look nice and rustic.  They are just perfect for a nice looking Christmas decoration!


You can hang this craft on the wall, or you can display it on a shelf or table.  Regardless of how you display it, believe me, you will LOVE the way it looks!


Let’s get to the instructions on how to make this!


Materials Needed:

  • Unfinished block of wood (like a side of a crate) – I got mine at Amazon here. ¬†It’s perfect, because it has the hardware for hanging it on the wall already installed.
  • pencil
  • Stencil of the design you would like to paint on
  • tape
  • measuring tape
  • drill (size of the drill bit is up to you – bigger = more light)
  • dark grey paint
  • white paint
  • paint sponge
  • paint brush
  • toothpicks
  • Craft glue (I use Crafter’s Pick – it’s the best)
  • LED wire lights (you can get these here)
  • cuttable cork board
  • scissors
  • Large thumbtacks (4)


1.) Use your tape measure to place your stencil in the middle of the wood accurately. Tape in place, and do a light sketch of the stencil onto the wood with your pencil.


2.) Remove the stencil and draw in dots around your stenciled design where you want to have your light holes.  Use a drill to drill holes over those dots.


3.) Mix your gray paint with a bit of water, and use your sponge paintbrush to paint your board gray.  Let dry completely.


4.) Once the paint is dry, place your stencil back on the board in the same position you had it on there before. ¬†Tape into place, and use your paintbrush and your white paint to paint the stencil onto the wood. Carefully remove the stencil. Don’t worry if it’s a little sloppy – we will clean it up in the next step.


5.) Use a toothpick and both paints to clean up the stencil design on the wood.


6.) Flip the piece of wood over.  On the back, glue your battery pack of your LED lights along the bottom of the wood.  Arrange your LED lights in a pattern so that the lights line up with the holes you drilled.  Tape into place, then glue into place by placing drops of glue along the wires (not on the lights).  Allow the glue to dry completely, and then you can remove the tape.


7.) After the glue is completely dry, use your tape measure to measure a piece of cork board that you can lay over the back to cover up the wires and lights.  Cut out the piece of cork board using your scissors, and then lay it over the wires, but keeping the battery pack outside of the cork board.


8.) Use four thumbtacks to secure the cork board into place, taking care not to poke a thumbtack into the wires.


You’re all set! ¬†The on/off switch for the lights is on the battery pack. ¬†Display your finished product proudly! ūüôā


Enjoy! ūüôā

DIY Wood Burning Christmas Ornaments


We put our Christmas tree up this past weekend!!!


Yes, I know it’s early, but both my husband and I always try to get as much Christmas time as possible each year since we love having our place all decorated and cozy!

As I was decorating the tree, I got to thinking about these wood ornaments that I’ve been making lately. ¬†Last year for Christmas, I made some really cute snowman ornaments, and I had some of the pieces of wood left over. ¬†That, along with my new wood burning tool made for a whole lot of ornament making fun to put me in the Christmas mood! ¬†I whipped up some really cute ornaments, put them up on my Etsy store, and got an order from a Zumba instructor who wanted to give out the ornaments to her class. ¬†They turned out SO cute!


I wanted to share with all of you how to make these cuties, since they make great gifts.  You can also make some really cool gift tags with this process as well Рdesign both sides of the wood, and you have an ornament and a gift tag in one!

Though these aren’t hard to make, they do take a bit of time and care. ¬†Also, if you are just going to make one or two, it’s kind of expensive for the materials. ¬†If you don’t want to go through the hassle of making these yourself, I do sell them at my Etsy store, and they are completely customized and made to order, so you can have me design them however you would like.

That being said, if you are still interested in making you own, here’s how!



  • Wood log discs – I got mine on Amazon here. ¬†This gives 50 of them, which is a lot if you aren’t planing on making them in bulk. ¬†They actually have gone down in cost since last year, and are at $25.00 plus shipping right now.
  • Wood burning tool – Any wood burner will do. ¬†I got mine on Amazon here¬†for $20 plus shipping
  • An electric drill
  • Ribbon
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Stencils (optional)


1.) On your piece of wood, use a pencil to sketch your design.  I did all mine free hand, but you can use a stencil if you would like.


2.) Use your wood burning tool to burn the design into your wood.  Be very careful with this step as the wood burner gets VERY hot.  As a plus, this step will make your house smell nice and cozy like a campfire!


3.) After your design in burned into the wood, use an eraser to erase any left over pencil marks.


4.) Use your drill to drill a hole into the top center of your ornament.


5.) String your ribbon through the hole you drilled, and then tie the ribbon tightly in a bow, creating a loop to hang your ornament with.


Hang on your tree, and enjoy! ūüôā ¬†And don’t forget that you can also design and purchase these at my Etsy store! ¬†Merry Christmas!