Dealing with a Runner Injury (Extensor Tendonitis) – Laughing Through My Pain


Ack!!! ¬†I’m injured! ūüė¶

About two months ago, I finally had to admit that the nagging pain on my foot wasn’t just a little ache or pain that would go away even if I kept running on it‚Ķugh. ¬†I had been noticing a nagging pain on the top of my foot running over my ankle towards my toes for about a month, and because I’m a runner, I was in complete denial.

028fc4c527438aa9e052a3bf37065a9eDoc: It’s red and swollen. ¬†Me: No! ¬†My feet are just blushing.

Once I got to the point where I was actually limping while running, I decided it was time to call it. ¬†After a normal x-ray and MRI, we’ve settled on the diagnosis of extensor tendonitis of the foot‚Ķaka – evil inflammation that makes you want to cuss at the top of your lungs.

Okay, so what now? ¬†Of course, my first question to my doctor and pt was “Can I still run on it? ¬†I’m pretty sure if I just ice it, I’ll be fine.”


Yeah, that was pretty much my mentality.  Unfortunately….um, no…they both said no running.  So, I went straight to the elliptical and pilates.  However, because of the location being on top of the foot, I quickly learned that the elliptical still puts pressure on the area (heck, just standing puts pressure on the area), and pilates involves a lot of pointing and flexing the foot Рnot good till I let this thing calm down some.  Sooooo, just this past Sunday, I decided to take about three weeks of complete rest.

TemperTantrum704Yeah, that’s pretty accurate.

After complaining, sobbing, and throwing a temper tantrum that could put some two year olds to shame, I realized that at least this would give me some good material for my blog.  So, here we are.

Runners HATE injuries. ¬†Anything that takes time on the road away from us is the enemy in our eyes. ¬†In my running career, I’ve been blessed that I’ve only had two other injuries aside from this one (An inflamed SI Joint, and a torn hamstring). ¬†This is my first time with tendonitis though. ¬†I figure that I can post from time to time through the healing process on different things I do to help with healing. ¬†Hopefully, it can help others out there dealing with tendonitis as it is an extremely common injury for athletes in general, but runners especially.

As I said, though I am two months into this injury, I really am only just now starting to get serious about treating it with complete rest, etc. ¬†Hubby has had tendonitis in various parts of his body, and he’s said anywhere from 4-11 months to heal, and even after that, I may have some flare ups for a bit. ¬†He is MUCH better at dealing with an injury than I am. ¬†He has no problem taking time off, gaining a bit of happy weight, etc. ¬†I, on the other hand…

01Pretty much a perfect description

Okay, so at my last pt appointment, we decided to rest it and I am going to be using light therapy. ¬†I bought two different home units: the Light Relief unit and the Tendlite unit. ¬†I just started the light relief two days ago, and I am waiting to receive the tendlite in the mail. ¬†I will post again giving a review of these products and let you all know if it helps me. ¬†I know if you’re a runner and you have an injury, you get a little desperate, so hopefully, I can let you all know some things that work and some that don’t! ¬†In the meantime, I will attempt to hang in there! ūüėõ

***UPDATE: All together, it took about a year for things to calm down completely, however, I started running (slow and short distances) again 6 months in. ¬†After the 12 year mark, I was pretty much good to go, with flare ups here and there, and after about 18 months, I was completely healed with no more flare ups. ¬†If you’re dealing with extensor tendonitis, I highly recommend just doing the basics for treatment (rest, ice, etc.) and nothing too aggressive. ¬†Everything that I tried to do outside of the basics made things much worse and seemed to prolong recovery. ¬†At any rate though, I know this is a nasty injury, so just want to say that if you’re dealing with it – don’t worry – it will get better eventually…it just takes time! ūüôā