Marble Stone Mason Jar Light Craft


Awww!  I made this adorable mason jar light craft, and I am in love with it!  I had some left over flat marble stones from a while back, and I was trying to figure out what to do with them.  I also had an empty mason jars.


That, along with some craft glue was all that I needed to come up with this cutie!


It’s really easy to make…the only part that takes a bit of time is waiting for the glue to dry completely.  I think these would make for some really cool lighting outside on a pool deck, and since it’s officially summer now – this is perfect!  However, since we don’t have a pool, I have mine proudly on display in our master bedroom.  Our main colors are blues and browns in this room so this goes perfectly.

Okay, let’s get to how to make this craft!



  • Flat marble stones – you can get these just about anywhere
  • Mason jar
  • Flameless LED tea light candles
  • Craft glue that dries clear – I use Crafter’s Pick…it’s non-toxic and works great!
  • Optional decoration for the top – I used burlap string and a bow with a button in the middle.


1.) Start by dabbing a bit of glue on a stone and then gluing it to the top of the jar.  The first row will be the hardest.  You really have to do it one stone at a time and then let it dry.  Otherwise, they slide all over the place while drying.  Once you get the first row done, it’s really easy, because the rest of them rest on this row, so they won’t slide around.


2.) Continue gluing the stones on one by one until you have covered the whole jar.


3.) Let the glue dry completely overnight.


4.) If you want, you can stop there.  However, if you want to decorate the top of the jar, you can do this however you would like.  I started by using burlap string that I wrapped around the top of the jar multiple times to cover it completely.


5.) Then, I glued a bow onto the burlap string.


6.) Let the glue dry completely.


7.) Lastly, place your flameless tealight candle(s) inside the jar.  One tealight works fine, but if you want more light, you can use more.  I used four in mine.


All done!  Easy, right?!  I LOVE how this thing looks!  Enjoy! 🙂


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