DIY Musical Note Mason Jar Candle Craft


Okay, are you ready for an absolutely ADORABLE, but ridiculously EASY craft project?  I was recently going through my piano music and seeing what I could get rid of (my music holder/seat was overflowing!).  However, getting rid of music is NEVER easy!  So, as I was feeling nostalgic (and borderline hoarder like, when it comes to sheet music), I decided to try to think of something I could do with some of my music that I never play, rather than getting rid of it.  This cutie pa-tootie musical notes mason jar candle craft is the result!


This thing is SO easy to make, and it doesn’t require many supplies, but I love the result!  I now have two of these guys strategically placed in my piano room…who am I kidding, they are placed in the room that contains the piano, which also serves as our living room. 🙂  None the less, they look great, and give the room a nice musical vibe and ambiance.  The best part is that I saved some old sheet music from getting tossed, and it will now live on right next to the piano where it belongs!

So, let’s get to this craft!  Like I said, you are gonna LOVE how easy this is!



  • Mason jar
  • Old Sheet Music (if you don’t have old sheet music, you can go online and print off some free sheet music to use here)
  • Double sided tape, or glue
  • Scissors, pencil
  • Burlap type twine or string
  • Tealight candle



1.) Start by cutting your sheet music so that it is tall enough to cover the outside of the mason jar when wrapped around it (You can use a tape measure to get exact measurements, or you can do like I did and just line it up to the jar and cut accordingly)


2.) Now, draw a shape of your choice in the middle of the sheet music and cut it out.  I used a heart shape, but you can do whatever you choose.


3.) Next, place some double sided tape, or glue along the back of one end of the sheet music and attach it to the mason jar.


4.) Continue to place double sided tape or glue on the back of the sheet music and attaching it to the mason jar by wrapping the sheet music all the way around the mason jar.


5.) Now, you want to wrap your twine/string around the top of the jar multiple times until you have covered a majority of the top of the jar to your liking.  Tie it in a bow to connect it.


6.)  Believe it or not, you’re pretty much done!  Place the candle in the jar and light it or turn it on if your using a LED candle like I did.


See, told ya this is SO easy, and SO cute, right?  As another idea, you could also use old books to create the same candle instead of sheet music – either way, it’s a great way to repurpose old paper products!  Enjoy! 🙂

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