Fuzzy Friends Friday


I know this is a little off topic from what I normally post on my site, but I was woken up this morning by our our love fluff cat, Fermat, tapping on my face with his paw as if to say “Hey Mom, are you awake?  Me too!!!”, and he was SO cute!  I love waking up to fur in my face, it always starts my day off with a smile, so I figured I would start your day off with a smile as well by sharing some of my favorite pins featuring all kinds of fur, fluff, funnies, and cuteness!  ❤

945819530e11c52abfb900a77b203e18   6a3c2f1aac832e27b74f9b583d1ba9fa


163ac8b64aea5358668f1f614e939e5c    e332f7e4b7e35671d216452cb577d531

cd82e0dfe15ea36479271dcda9f3f8cf   c38eaf6c4a97829ca321c15f22dae19d

2eadfc4b3e0f83797b1de103dc313ea0  818f73f0bbf3a5efd7fa503dff3696d0


15277ef661a17f71d8c23855f816473a 9564f33323e80d95eed1f64908b90b42 ec29a23da72f7d169a998a043eb6e7ac 4878c895c88237b2beafc01d444cf75d 129d91218bb654fc72d9dc412ec1a306 d7501a98a950b1fb11e90eb33c71ef03 6296985f002a8689ba89a7d343066d41 9db4f86921af65e649fb772093f3097b

And I will leave you with a picture of our fur babies – Pierre De Fermat and Sophie Germain.  Hug your animal babies today, and have a purrrrfect day!  Happy Friday! 🙂 ❤

Ferm and Sophie

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